Focus on your Business — Leave the networking to us

Get connected to the best blockchain project owners, members and their authentic data.


Making a decentralised environment expaning horizons.

Connect to your


The holy space for blockchain.

Form open end relationship with prime individuals and enterprises operating in the blockchain space to create a consolidated amalgamation

Be Aware

With smart data

Be Educated

With smart content

Be Connected

With regular events

Personalized Content

Create custom dashboards of news feeds according to the digital assets you have invested in or looking to invest in the furture. Even if you want keep an open eye to new insustry standards, applications and the over all ecosystem.

All in one place

Think it off as like dropbox or cloud storage but the only thing is you can only have as many open connections as you have credits for. At the moment every community will be given 5 custom board setups.

Safe. Secure. Fast

With SSO provided by the leading blockchain verification protocols it becomes easy to connect with verified and real individuals in the space. Create real projects with real people.

Evolve on the go

Keep notified and learn into the new technology systems with fresh and updated courses that we bring from all around the globe. Connect to authors and mentors online.

Product overview

Creating a PaaS for a community isn't that easy. We bring you the unbiased side of the blockchain space.

  • Media

    Get news real time and in real sense.

  • Education

    The best free and paid resources online. With Discounts

  • Analytics

    Real time anayltics setup for the projects you want to follow

Adapt, evolve

Why stop learning when the world of information is at your finger tips.

Connect Real Time

You name the project, we will connect you with a representative or channel that could help you connect.

Collaborate Together

With Ethereum based smart contracts, get work and get paid with technology.

The 24/7 Network

Enthusiasts are online around the clock on this network. Ask question, answer questions round the clock.

Secrure and Real

Be rest assured of fake profiles. These profiles are ID'd on the blockchain and is the real person.

Fast loading

Create with the best technologies in place today, live a rocket speed life on the blockchain.

Make more sense

Developing core product methods is an absolutet criteria for building long lastitng sustainable products. Leave thtet integratitons to us, just plug in witht your API Key and start using our microservices, base docker images and #buidl upon it.

  • Get Real Time Data at one place

    Create custom media boards with string searches and advanced filters to bring most of the relevant media feeds from around the top tier and trusted networks with sentiment analysis. Never miss another airdrop, fork or any news line that can affect your investments.

  • Get Educated and Trained

    Whether you are a newbie or ninja in the blockchain space, if you stop learning you sure are at a big loss. Learn, eveolve and grow with curated free and paid resources from around the globe, meet authors and connect to them personally for mentorship if needed.

  • Events & Meetups - All year round

    Get busy with networking and learning through inblox curated and open house events through out India and the South East Asian subcontinent with the help of our fraternity members. Pick the subject or segment of the choice and join the events for free.

  • Custom App Integrations

    Use our single end point to structure the web services that you require for your next big projects. #Buidl on our existing container images, use our custom built packages using NPM or ask us to do something customised for your project. We shall be happy to help.

Fraternity Members

One Platform For Everyone

Whether you are a blockchain newbie or an evangelist, our platform will create value for you and your project resources. From your education to employee training and development, the platform can be custom used by each individual.

$ 5 /month
  • Media Boards
  • Free Courses
  • Event Access
  • Networking
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$ 999 /year
  • Media Boards
  • Manage Users
  • 25 User Accounts
  • Develop Employees
  • Create Contracts
  • Speaking Slots
  • Event Spaces
  • Access to Funds
  • Hire Freely
  • Consult Projects
Join Waitlist
$250 /project
  • 5 User Accounts
  • 1 Project Page
  • Manage Users
  • API Keys
  • Custom Integrations
  • Airdrops & Bounties
  • Hire Freely
  • Create Contracts
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Varies /job
  • API Keys
  • Work Freely
  • Enter Contracts
  • #Buidl
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If you wish to support the initiative then you can join the waitlist to agree and accepting the addition to the community as a fraternity member, make sure you leave your linkedin address in the box below!